Short Bio

Co-Owner of Black S Agency, founder and owner of Black Snake Recordings, our super talented Darian started his musical career at the age of 27. In the past 2 years he build a techno empire and signed on many major techno labels. From Germany, Darian is working everyday with passion for the techno scene.


He has consistently reached the Top100 ranking in the Beatport charts. A a Dj, he´s now playing everywhere in Germany. He´s born to deliver some uncompromising modern techno sets.

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Funk´n Deep, Reload Records, Black Snake Recordings, Finder Records, SMR Underground, Affluenza, Davotab Records, Klinik Room Recordings and more.


Hirsch & Rakete Nürnberg, Fabville Festival, Metronom Erlangen, Snake on Stage Showcase, Best of Life HG, Techno non-stop series