Helen Frey

Helen Frey is located in Strasbourg (FR)

Born in 1991 near Strasbourg in France, Helen Frey was brought up on 80’s and 90’s Techno / Trance music via her father’s audio cassettes that she listened to on a small child’s tape recorder. As a teenager, Helen dreamed of being a music star and wanted to start a rock band, which is when she started taking electric guitar lessons.

While working in the fitness industry, she learned to build her own CDs using a small mixing software. A very open listener at the beginning (Deep House, Minimal, Hardstyle, Psytrance, Trance, House), it is in 2018 that she asserts herself and finally discovers her favourite style, Techno. She decided to start mixing in 2019 after listening to, discovering and observing the mixes of Adam Beyer and Charlotte de Witte.

Quickly noticed on the Strasbourg Techno scene, she was able to play alongside great artists such as: Dartek, TRYM, Space 92, Nusha, Airod, TRBL, ABR, X&TRICK, VLC, Clair Aka Brulée, Graviity Carlo Ruetz and others. In 2022 she obtained a residency at Studio Saglio, one of the leading Techno clubs in Strasbourg (FR).

In her sets Helen Frey mixes sounds of Techno Acid, Hypnotic, Dark or Classic Trance.

Key facts


DJ, Producer, Resident Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)


Black Snake Recordings, Aviation Star


30.12.2022 With Charlie Sparks, Cosmic Boys, and MGWN & Predacid – Studio Saglio (FR)
05.11.2022 Xenia – Subtronic @ Studio Saglio Strasbourg
29.10.2022 With Clara Cuvé, Predacid & AJNN – Studio Saglio
22.10.2022 Black S Rec. Showcase (Ingolstadt – DE)
08.09.2022 Acid Cave – La Kulture (Strasbourg)
26.08.2022 The World Today – Festival (Saint-Martin 67)
23.07.2022 Impuls NTBR – Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)
07.07.2022 Acid Cave – La Kulture (Strasbourg)
08.07.2022 Sensory – Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)
17.06.22 Impuls Trym, Airod – Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)
10.06.22 Impuls Space 92, Axel Picodot – Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)
25.05.22 Impuls ABR, TRBL, Morsure – Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)
14.05.22 Impuls VCL, X&TRICK, Clair, Madora – Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)
08.04.22 Electronic Arts NUSHA – Point d’Eau (Strasbourg) – YAAR Kollision
12.03.22 Hardstyle Attitude – Studio Saglio (Strasbourg)
03.03.22 Acid Cave – La Kulture (Strasbourg) and more!

  • More than 101.800 Follower on TikTok
  • Resident Studio Saglio

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