Short Bio

French Hardtechno veteran becomes Techno pioneer.

Everything started in the nineties at the age of 13, when techno music was just booming and hit him for the first time.

His first musical steps were trying to make music on every computer he bought. His friends were playing video games, Greg wanted to do electronic music, so he started to push the musical limits on every DAW he tried.

Around 2002 and after a long experimental period, he decided to turn into Hardtechno/Schranz. Step by step he became one of the most influent artists in this musical genre. He made a long career as a Hardtechno DJ and producer during 18 years, with up to 500 tracks released on different labels, also on vinyl and CD.

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Say What?, IAMT, Black Kat, Airborne Black, Silent Storm, Reload Records, Insectum, Co-Owner of Black Snake Recordings.


Awekings, Nature One, Monegros, Radikal Style,(Columbia), Decibal, Syndicate, Olympic Stadium of Barcelona, Toxicator, Fabrik, Florida135, Inox, La Laiterie, Fusion...